It is our mission to help people live as well as possible for as long as possible. With that in mind we want to enlist businesses, corporations, organisations and sporting bodies to actually predict and prevent heart attack.

Our program is uniquely positioned to save lives in such a way that employers can empower their employees to assess their risks and put a plan in place to prevent a life-threatening event before it even happens.

With a mixture of latest technology that few even in the medical profession are aware of and a world-renowned Cardiologist Doctor Warrick Bishop make us global leaders in this simple and effective strategy.

“Australian expenditure on Cardiovascular Disease "CVD" is enormous; more is spent on CVD than any other disease group. In 2012-2013, $5 billion was spent on healthcare for people with CVD, which equates to 12% of all healthcare expenditure.” “The indirect costs of CVD are also hefty. Treating CVD often involves large surgical procedures, lengthy recovery periods, loss of independence and loss of income. In addition, many people who experience a cardiovascular event, such as heart attack or stroke, will take time off work, resulting in losses to their employer as well."

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A number of years ago, an amazing and paradigm-shifting coincidence started Doctor Warrick Bishop on his personal mission to prevent heart attacks rather than try to cure them.



The Healthy Heart Network can facilitate the entire Heart Health Program for your organisation including:


  • Dedicated organisation branded heath portal
  • On-line Heart Assessment for each employee
  • Overall Heart Health Risk Report for CEO
  • Arrange for CT scans for eligible employees
  • Individual reading of results provided privately
  • Ongoing Education Portal
  • Screening of future employees
  • Annual Risk Assessment


The program is very COVID friendly because it’s an online assessment and eligible employees then attend medical scanning premises to have their test.

How Does It Work?

"Most heart attack prevention strategies revolve around a risk calculator and guesswork on the % risk that someone has of an event. "

What these tools don’t tell you is who is at immediate or long risk.
What if we told you that there is a simple low cost, quick and non-invasive test that can predict heart attack?
It’s called a “CT Heart Scan" ...

"What is a "CT Heart Scan" ?"

It’s a fast, accurate and safe

Cardiac CT scanning is a fast, non-invasive CT imaging scan that provides you with a complete and accurate assessment of the coronary arteries of your heart. It’s a fast, accurate and safe way to exclude the presence of coronary artery disease or provide you with the earliest possible evidence of coronary artery disease (CAD). This is the term given to atherosclerosis, a hardening of the coronary arteries as a result of a build-up of plaque inside the artery wall. Cardiac CT scanning combines the expertise and knowledge of a Radiologist and a Cardiologist working as a specialist team.

How Cardiac CT Scanning Works

The latest technology allows doctors and specialists to see what previously could not be seen. Cardiac CT scanning uses a fast CT scanner to take a series of cross-section X-Ray pictures of your heart. These individual X-Rays are then combined to create a complete 3D picture of your heart and all its arteries. From a Cardiologist and Radiologist’s perspective, viewing this 3D picture is like seeing inside your body.

A key element to any new approach to primary prevention and risk assessment is the availability of, and accessibility to, imaging the coronary arteries using CT scanning. This is a non-invasive, safe way to evaluate the build-up of cholesterol, or atheroma, to give an indication of the health of the coronary arteries in an asymptomatic person. Central to this, we must understand that a build-up of cholesterol within the arteries generally leads to associated deposits of calcium in the artery, so that calcium can be used as an indicator of plaque build-up.

Who is it for and how do we help?

This is where the challenge comes in.  If someone is perfectly healthy and fit, why would they be encouraged to get this CT scan.  In some cases, with low risk, it might not make sense for them to have it but it could represent peace of mind.

After all, if you broke a rib you would want to know how badly it was broken so you could put strategies in place to properly heal.  In this case you don’t even know if you rib is broken.

Our goal is to help organisations assess their employee’s risk of a heart attack event, facilitate the CT scans for eligible persons and ensure the results are accurately communicated to them and their GP.  At the same time protecting everyone’s privacy and health outcomes.

But it’s more than that.  We want to then help educate your employees to stay or get healthy and provide regular on-going screening to make sure they have the best protection for the future.

At the same time the organisation helps to improve their productivity levels and prevent the sudden loss of any employees that would impact everyone from work and home.

The Healthy Heart Network Success Plan

There are the 5 Easy Steps:



How does the Program Work?

We base our pricing on several elements:


Number of enrolled employees

Number of employees “at risk”

Number of CT Scans needed


Our pricing is based on per employee count and offers an annual renewal for ongoing maintenance of your workforce.
The following is an estimate only because it will vary based on your overall Heart Risk Assessment.
Normally we charge retail price of $30 per employee for Risk Assessment, $449 for each CT scan and personalised report.

Annual Renewal

When you pay your annual renewal, you receive a credit based on your pricing for new Phase 1 pre-screening for existing or new employees. All existing employees continue to have access to the organisation branded Heart Health Portal.


Other Costs

Our fees include the cost of preparing a “referral” for the CT Scan which greatly simplifies the process and costs of normally GP →Specialist.

Next Steps



We calculate your eligible employee headcount



Invoice and payment for this step based on amount per employee 



Online Assessment and Health Heart Portal is deployed



Staff are sent an email to undertake the Risk Assessment online



Heart Health Risk Report is presented to CEO and management



Both parties agree on the number of employees eligible for scanning



Invoice and payment for this step based on pricing table less amount paid


Employees undertake CT Scans



HHN reviews results and sends personalised videos to each employee and copies of Scan Results sent to the Employee's GP.



All employees have access to customised health plans and education for 12 months



12 Months Time: Annual Renewal is paid



Re-assessment of workforce



Both parties agree on the number of employees eligible for scanning



Credit applied based on annual renewal for Scans, excess paid

What Is Included?


Whilst the Risk Assessment and CT Scan is primary focus for this program when you join we also provide a wealth of resources including:


  • All Employees have access to the Learning Portal for HHN Course and Personal Health Plans
  • Each organisation gets their own dedicated Branded Platform
  • “Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack” eBook & Audio Book for each employee
  • 1 x Full Set of HHN Member Packs (Per 25 Employees) includes over $500 of items (Healthy Heart Journal, Risk Hardcover, Full Resource USB,Low Carb recipes and meal plans Book, HHN TV Show DVD, Physical Course DVDs and Transcriptions and Digital Scale with Phone App.
  • 30% off RRP for “Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack” Physical Book or Extra Member Packs.


Doctor Warrick’s Personal Attention:


  • 4 x 1 Hour(Live)Zoom Calls to Staff (Over 12 mths -1 per quarter)
  • 1 x 1 Zoom Call to CEO
  • Video Reading for Each Employee
  • Personal Presentation of Risk Assessment Report to CEO


Remember it is small steps taken consistently over time which have far more effect than the grand gesture which is not followed through. Good luck! Remember you are not on this journey alone. We are here to help!


Kind Regards,

Doctor Warrick Bishop

VHS Program Pricing (Phase 1) Heart Check

HHN Small Business Phase 1 Check (VHS Program) 50-100 Employees (each)


HHN Corporate L1 Phase 1 Check (VHS Program) 101-5000 Employees (each)


HHN Corporate L2 Phase 1 Check (VHS Program) 5000-10000 Employees (each)


HHN Small Business Phase 2 Scan (VHS Program) 50-100 Employees (each)


HHN Corporate L1 Phase 2 Scan (VHS Program) 101-5000 Employees (each)


HHN Corporate L2 Phase 2 Scan (VHS Program) 5000-10000 Employees (each)